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Monday, May 12, 2008

5 Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Any relationship is going to go through its rocky times. It’s inevitable. Granted, these rough times should happen far less than the great times but you have to be ready with a way to handle these bumps in the road. These trying times are healthy for a relationship, but what’s more important is you how handle them. It’s a two-way street, but you have to be ready to meet your partner halfway. Consider these tips to follow when you do encounter your next rough patch:

  1. Switch things up. If you’re in a relationship where you two are soul mates and can predict each other’s next move then do something out of character. It’s easy to fall into a rut where the mystery is taken out of the relationship. Do something unpredictable and you’ll bring back the excitement you felt when you were just starting out.
  2. Communicate. This is a no-brainer, right? Everybody doesn’t talk about issues the same way as the next person. It’s important you realize this and don’t let it upset you if your partner doesn’t talk about problems as easily as you might. All you can do is encourage them to talk and let nature take its course.
  3. Tolerance goes a long way. Everyone has their shortcomings and it’s not right to try to change every little thing that annoys you. If your boyfriend gets fired up watching a sporting event and screams at the television, then recognize that he’s a passionate man. Look at the bright side of some behaviors that you initially dislike.
  4. Make time for just the two of you. Technology has infiltrated our lives in almost every facet. In most respects it’s a good thing, but if it has started cutting into your intimate times then you have to start setting rules. If you send a text message you almost become paralyzed waiting for the reply message. Set up a time when technology is off-limits. This may sound rigid, but it’s important that your intimacy isn’t forsaken.
  5. Return to the days of courtship. This goes back to the first tip, but it’s important that you do the things that made you fall in love in the first place. Dinner and a movie are fine sometimes but go on real dates as if you were still courting each other. This will make your partner know that you know them and what they want. Go to the art museum that you used to frequent or the lake with the beautiful view that you used to take long strolls around. Don’t forget what got you to this wonderful place.


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