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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's Not All Fun And Games, Just FUN


'It's How You Play the Game' by Willa Okati. The Name of the Game, it is the story of Anthony, Clay's friend. Anthony is the gayest man ever. He is all you can think would be a gay man, fashion man, light heart and good friend. Willa's writing style is like a breath of fresh air: carefree and fun. This is a delightful tale of "Never say Never." Anthony's a fun quirky character and watching him fall apart and fall in love was hilarious.

'Skin on Skin' by Jami Alden, Valerie Martinez, Sunny. Purchased this kind of by accident. Unusual that I would like more than one story in an anthology (so I avoid them), but two of the three here were actually very good. The book warning "This is a REALLY HOT book, sexually explicit" is true...have fun with this one! Use the Coupon Code below for a Discount on either of these two eBook Titles, or Both!

It's How You Play the Game eBook edition by Okati, Willa
In this follow up to The Name of the Game, Seth and Clay's friend Anthony decides to cater his happy friends' wedding. Problem is, he can't cook, so he signs on to take lessons, willing to do whatever it takes to help out.
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Skin on Skin eBook edition by Alden, Jami,, Sunny, ,, Martinez, Valerie,
"China Doll by Sunny -- When Rand and Anna meet in the lush heat of an Indonesian hotel, it's strictly one night only for two strangers looking to banish the ghosts in their pasts. But more than their skin is bared when they come together in the tropical heat, and before long they're aching for more. Tempted by Jami Alden -- Friends as well as coworkers, Lauren and Tony have maintained a strict hands-off policy with each other--until an out-of-town party gives them an excuse to share a hotel room. And when they do, their clothes come off--and the new rule is definitely hands on. Hot Wired by Valerie Martinez -- Spending a summer in San Francisco before starting her career, Lola is looking for fun. And when she meets the driver of a fire-engine red pickup--a guy with plenty of muscle
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Friday, November 30, 2007

There Is love And Then There is LOVE


'Rumi: The Book of Love' by Coleman Barks. How can I put into words the absolute wordless dimension this collection of poems creates within me? The commentaries and introduction sections by Coleman Barks are valuable as well beyond words. The reader would gain insights simply by picking it up and thumbing to any page and just read, read! This collection of Rumi's poetry moved me like none of his other work.

'The Fortune Hunter' by Jasmine Haynes. Ms. Haynes' book The Fortune Hunter is a vividly erotic romance well worth reading. It was addictive as well as an absolute joy to read. The storyline was heart warming and boy oh boy it was Sizzling! Ms. Haynes has done it again, a fabulous book that you must read. It is so hot that it should come with a WARNING label! Below there is a Coupon Code, use it at checkout to receive a Discount on either of these eBook Titles.

Rumi: The Book of Love eBook edition by Barks, Coleman
Now in paperback, this is the definitive collection of America's bestselling poet Rumi's finest poems of love and lovers. In Coleman Barks' delightful and wise renderings, these poems will open your heart and soul to the lover inside and out.
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The Fortune Hunter eBook edition by Haynes, Jasmine
The author of Open Invitation delivers another bold and sexy novel. Faith Castle's dreams of having a baby are close to coming true-despite the less-than-romantic proposal, Connor Kingston is as honest as they come, and this marriage of convenience will give her exactly what she wants. Her one caveat, that he be faithful, may send her randy fiance running for the hills-or help Faith learn a new, sexy side of herself that she never knew.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Down And Dirty or Love And Lust


Note to Readers. This Blog piece was written by Maverick Majors one of my eBooks About Crew!
'Hornito' by Mike Albo. Although this eBook opens in the present, the story flashes back to childhood memories. At first, I was not interested in reading these flashbacks, as they distracted me from the main story. I wanted to identify with the main character as an adult and see how he resolves his problems. Particularly the problem of forming a real connection with someone in an urban, every-man-for-himself, artificial, market-segment of a world. Once I got into the book a bit, the childhood and teenage memories seemed more relevant, not to mention painful and at times, embarrassingly familiar. I found myself laughing aloud many times.
'Private Party' by Jami Alden. I have not read a sexy eBook in so long..Well, of this genre. I definitely picked the right one! I was expecting some romance and hot sex and I got it plus all the scandal. It is one of the best books I've read. The sex scenes are so good you can't wait until the next encounter. I can't wait to buy another book from this author.

Hornito eBook edition by Albo, Mike
Juxtaposing a trip to his childhood home -- where he has retreated to try to make some sense of his hectic existence in New York City -- with memories of growing up gay in seventies suburbia, Albo creates "Mike Albo." This character's memories are from a fictitious life that's outrageous, hilarious, and embarrassingly real. From a typical suburban childhood to his perpetual search for true love, Albo evokes a poignant, nostalgic past and a vibrant, energetic present. By turns vulnerable and jaded, flamboyant and obsessive, Hornito is full of subversive humor and outrageous irony.
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Private Party eBook edition by Alden, Jami
TURN UP THE HEAT Finding her brand-new husband in flagrante delicto with another woman wasn't part of Julie Driscoll's plan for her lavish wedding reception. Now she's a bride without a groom-but she's determined to have a wedding night with someone. Her cheating husband's gorgeous brother will do just fine. Chris Dennison is everything his brother isn't, and his hard body is the stuff the steamiest sexual fantasies are made of.
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Romance eBooks

eBooks About Romance

Before there were eBooks, I used to joke that my criteria for what I would read was whether or not it was printed. The dictionary, cereal boxes, newspapers or any old book I found lying around.— didn’t matter. But my ultimate favorite and long time guilty pleasure is Romance.

It started innocently enough, as these things do. I found a copy of Little Women. I stayed up all night (under the covers with a flashlight) to finish it. Before long I found Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights.

But the real infatuation began when I found some Reader’s Digest Condensed book volumes and each of them had a Victoria Holt novel. They were riveting to a junior high student!

I read them over and over. Finally one of our neighbors took pity on me and gave me Rebecca. A couple of weeks later she gave me a big box of dirty paperbacks. That was a treasure trove! I found Mary Stewart, Anya Seton, Jean Plaidy and Georgette Heyer. By the time I was in high school I had “graduated” to books I wanted to hide from Mom (like Jacqueline Suzanne). And I read a whole lot of christian fiction for her to see.

Over the years I have indulged myself in suspensful and historical romances including Regency and Western stories. I have consumed chick lit, especially the British kind, since even before there was chick lit. And have recently started reading “hen lit” --- chick lit for us aging boomers.

I have taken alot of ribbing from my family and friends over the years about my Plebian taste in reading material. I won't apologize for what I like! And I point out to them that they watch trashy TV to escape. I read.

This week I am armed with numbers since I came across these statistics about last year's book sales numbers. I will point out the them that Romance:

  • outsold every market category with the exception of religion/inspirational
  • represents 26.4% of all books sold
  • generated $1.37 Billion in sales Compare that to sci-fi/fantasy ($495 million), literary fiction ($448 million), and mysteries ($422 million)?

In case you're wondering about my weekend plans; here they are:

  • Browse the eBooks About Romance Store to find the perfect book
  • Buy it and get it downloaded on my eReader
  • Settle down in my favorite armchair with a little food (preferably chocolate) and a box of tissues (the good ones make you cry at the end)
  • Ignore the TV and the rest of the family
  • Have a wonderful mini-vacation in a far away place where everything works out perfectly!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Guilty Pleasure vs. Not Guilty Pleasure


Just for the record...I read the first Title 'How to Date Men', by Janis Spindel for the sole purpose of helping my Sister and Best Friend find a Date! Of course, I never refer to the book as my source for these words of wisdom that I project to them. That would take all the pleasure out of seeming enlightened by my years of experience. "Yeah Right..." "No Really..." Nonetheless, this book was very informative on the male perspective and what goes through their mind when looking for a relationship. Not to forget what is on their mind as well. Where was this book 15 years ago? I recommend this eBook to all single women and a few married ones as well.

'He's the One' by Jane Beckenham is a perfect example of what I call My guilty pleasure. That is when you “rip-the-cover-off-so-no-one-knows-what-you’re-reading” fiction. I don't do that much these day's though for I don't run into that problem with reading eBooks. No Cover, nobody's business. 'He's the One' is a real pleasure to read. Don't forget to check below for your coupon code for a discount on these to eBooks.

How to Date Men: Dating Secrets from America's Top Matchmaker eBook edition by Spindel, Janis
The hardest part about dating is understanding the mysterious inner workings of a man's brain. How can women know what men are really looking for if men don't tell them? They can ask Janis. With over fourteen years of experience as a professional matchmaker, Janis Spindel has a unique insider's perspective on contemporary dating culture. All her clients are men, and they tell her exactly what they want in a relationship. Janis offers women a step-by-step plan for winning a man's heart, such as: --It's okay to ask a guy for his number, as long as you do it with confidence. --Don't wear your work clothes on a date, ever! Freshen up before meeting a guy --Pay him a compliment--he's human. He'll love it. Entertaining and empowering, What Men Really Want is the next best thing to a private appointment with the nation's premier matchmaker.
More Info

He's the One eBook edition by Beckenham, Jane
Wedding consultant Taylor Sullivan is sensible, successful, and creates fantasies for a living. The fact that business is booming isn't enough. She wants to be the best and one thing is holding her back-her own lack of sexual experience. What Taylor needs is a good teacher. Enter bad boy Cade Harper. Cade is known for his talent in the bedroom and the long string of broken hearts that he's left behind. When Taylor approaches him with a simple business proposal he can't say no. In exchange for one night of no-strings-attached passion, she'll help him develop a promotional plan for his new business. As things heat up between them and business turns into pleasure, the man who doesn't believe in lasting love, roses, and the white picket fence finds himself falling hard and fast. Weddings, love, and commitment are Taylor's business. Can she put her fears aside long enough to make her own fantasy come true? Maybe...if he's the one.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

House and Home, what does that mean?


House and Home. What does that mean to most of us? These two titles have very different perspectives on the hard work it takes to make a home from nothing and the meaning it has to them. Here are two stories with motivations at opposite ends of the spectrum but with romantic and humorous parallels. If you're a hopeless romantic like me you will Love these two titles. They are a "Must Read!"

HomoSteading at the 19th Parallel (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Gilmore, David
A man from Arizona buys a piece of land in the middle of a lava field while vacationing in Hawaii and returns to the island to find a deeper sense of home and build his midlife crisis tropical dream house. In this assemblage of journal entries during the trying year of construction, the author tells some of the secrets of rural Hawaii, revealing her dark underbelly. Meet the crazy neighbors in Puna's "open-air asylum," go on late night lava walks, join a lynch mob against the coqui frogs, and find the true meaning of 'aloha' in the jungle.
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FINISHING TOUCH eBook edition by Bierce, Jane
Rose's hard work has turned a ramshackle lakeside cottage into a year-round home. She's counting the days until her brothers lose the bet they made that she'd need their help when a hew challenge arises. A trucking company wants to ruin her paradise by building a truck depot on adjoining property. Two other people have cottages on the lake--a strange man who pokes around in storm gullies--and the vice-president of the trucking company. It doesn't look like either one of them will come to Rose's rescue.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Me Time - Read a Little eBook Romance


This week's focus is on romance... Now that the children are back in school, it's time for a little "Me Time". Enjoy the peace (piece) and quiet. Be sure to check below for your special offer.

The Admiral's Bride eBook edition
by Brockmann, Suzanne

His mission was to pretend that Zoe Lange, beautiful young scientist -- nearly half his age! -- was his new bride. Former Navy SEAL Jake Robinson was sure that his romantic years were behind him, but for God and for country, he would look into Zoe's beautiful dark eyes, kiss her senseless, hold her as if he would never let her go...and then, when the job was done, do just that.

The only problem was, with each hour in Zoe's company, the stakes were becoming higher. The game more real. And the dangers within their "honeymoon" chamber more and more apparent...

More Info

Trophy Wives Club, The eBook edition
by Billerbeck, Kristin

Haley Cutler is the consummate trophy wife. Perhaps "was" is the more accurate term. Haley married Prince Charming when she was only twenty years old – back in the day when highlights came from an afternoon at the beach, not three hours in the salon.

When Jay first turned his eye to Haley, she was putty in his slender, graceful hands. No one ever treated her like she was important, and on the arm of Jay Cutler, she became someone people listened to and admired. Unfortunately, after seven years of marriage, her Prince Charming seems to belong to the Henry the XIII line of royalty. When Haley loses Jay, she not only loses her husband, she loses her identity.

With her first independent decision, Haley leaves LA and moves home to Northern California. Feeling freedom just within her grasp, Haley learns that her settlement payments must go through one of Jay's financial advisors, Hamilton Lowe. Haley believes he's nothing more than a spy. And the feelings of distrust are mutual. Yet somehow, Hamilton finds himself handing over the monthly checks in person, and Haley can't deny that there's a kind of tenderness and protectiveness in Hamilton that she's never experienced in a man before.

But before Haley can even consider another relationship, she must learn to accept her inherent worth, and what it is to be loved for who she is, not what's on the outside.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

This week - you can have it your way, right away.

woman in gas mask and latex

I'm a real believer in giving people exactly what they want - so, this week we are featuring two of eBooksAboutEverything's most requested titles. Be sure to check the bottom (of the page, silly) for this week's special discount code.

Spank Me - 20 Erotic Stories eBook edition
The latest addition to Xcite's range is up to their ususal high standards. With diverse spanking stories from numerous Scarlet favourites including Jade Taylor and Liz Coldwell, if you like a firm hand - giving or receiving - you'' be gasping in no time. And even if spanking's not your kink, the 'straight' sex scenes are well written and hot enough to provide relief.
More Info

Roughhousing eBook edition
by Baumbach, Laura,
James and Bram are back in this sequel to the bestselling A Bit of Rough! They've been dating a while, now, but James is still unsure about his feelings for Bram. He's rushed into things before, and it's always backfired on him, so James wants to take it slow. Bram is so forceful, though, so sexy and convincing that it's hard to stand fast against him. In fact, Bram is the one steady thing in James' life, when everything else seems to be shifting like sand under his feet. His job is getting stressful, his apartment is getting dangerous, and James knows he's teetering on the brink of change, but is unsure what to choose. When a project at work seems to have fallen under Bram's influence through the old boy network, James decides to back off and tell Bram they have to cool down their heated relationship. Bram is willing to accommodate a point. But what happens when self-assured Bram has had enough of James' insecurity? Taking up where A Bit of Rough left off, Roughhousing opens up Bram and James' relationship, following along as they become a real couple, and face the troubles that come from trying to blend two lives and two independent personalities. Their need for each other burns as hot as ever, but will that be enough to build a life on?
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Summer's Over... Where can we find the heat?

beach bodies

Summer's over, so no more bo-hunks on the beach... we'll just have to settle for finding the tantlizingly hunky man flesh on our romance ebook covers. As usual though, under the covers is where the real fun begins!

Tempting the Wolf eBook edition
by Greiman, Lois
Nairn O'Banyon has had a couple of bad centuries. Back in the Middle Ages, he was a feared warrior, a charming womanizer, and a...well...he was strictly human. But a dark curse has made him a changed man. In fact, during moments of great passion, he becomes the feral hound his conquests oft accused him of being. And if that isn't bad enough, another brush with the black arts has thrust him into a time frame other than his own. Thus it is that he finds himself in the Prince Regent's elegant London. Brave, adaptable and utterly charming, O'Banyon is determined to enjoy life wherever it leads. In fact, he realizes he can live quite happily amid the posh ton if he avoids highly passionate encounters, keeps his secrets to himself, and limits his saturated fats. And so he does, until he meets the one woman he cannot resist, and learns she possesses the singular quality he fears more than death itself. Magic.
More Info

Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr eBook edition
by Amber, Elizabeth
The last in a fabled line of otherworldly aristocracy, the Lords of Satyr are born to wealth, power, and a talent for sensual delight that mere mortals only dream of. Commanded to marry, these passionate men will travel to Rome, Venice, and Paris--and along the way will explore desires both shamelessly wicked and blissfully divine...
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Back to School - Required Reading Reinvented

labor day image

To celebrate Labor day we, at eBooksAboutEverything, are giving you an additional 5% off on these fun titles, to divert you from giving up your summer fun & buckling down to work...
Use coupon code: la78dy9 at checkout for this extra special discount.

Jinx by Cabot, Meg
ISBN: 9780061254437
Publisher: HarperCollins e-books
Year Published: 2007
The only thing Jean Honeychurch hates more than her boring name (not Jean Marie, or Jeanette, just . . . Jean) is her all-too-appropriate nickname, Jinx. Misfor-tune seems to follow her everywhere she...(by Meg Cabot, author of, "The Princess Diaries" & "Size 14 is Not Fat Either")
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FOREVER IN BLUE by Brashares, Ann
ISBN: 9780375843181
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Year Published: 2007
By the author of, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,"... Brashares continues to deliver a delightful and comforting story of friendship, life and more from the blue-jean's eye view...
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

eBook Coupon Code for 8-22 to 8-29

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